Barrio Cuba

Release date: 2005
Runtime: 105 min
Country: Cuba
Director: Humberto Solás
Writer: Sergio Benvenuto (writer), Elia Solás (writer), Humberto Solás (writer)
Cast: Jorge Perugorría, Isabel Santos, Mario Limonta, Adela Legrá, Luisa María Jiménez, Rafael Lahera.
Language: Spanish
Color: Color
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Storyline:Over several years, we follow three households and their emotions in a barrio of Havana. Magalis is a nurse, rarely happy. An older man, Ignacio, professes his love for her; her father and her brother quarrel over her brother's sexual orientation; she thinks about leaving Cuba. Santo's wife Maria is expecting their first child. Tragedy strikes and Santo leaves, drowning sorrows in alcohol and crime while his son grows up in the care of an aunt wondering where dad is. Vivian and Chino are in love, passionate, but childless. The pressures of a society that demands grandchildren strain their relationship. She tries prayer. Fathers embrace their children.
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Barrio Cuba, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings