Alicia en el pueblo de Maravillas

Release date: 1991
Runtime: 90 min
Country: Cuba
Director: Daniel Díaz Torres
Writer: Aldo Busto Hernández (as Grupo Nos-y-Otros), Luis Felipe Calvo Bolaños (as Grupo Nos-y-Otros), Eduardo del Llano (as Grupo Nos-y-Otros), Jesús Díaz (writer), Daniel Díaz Torres
Language: Spanish
Color: Color
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Storyline:A satire about the life of the Cuban people. Alicia, a culture instructor, is sent to a small town "Maravillas", which is itself an exaggerated, but very ingenious reflection of the real Cuba. The adventures that she has there are almost as crazy and senseless as the ones lived by the other Alice (in Wonderland), reflecting the indoctrination, coercion, absolutims, and many other everyday problems in Cuban society.
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